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Women’s Group Network

Close Community…

Family ( of Choice)…

Deep Social Connection is an essential Foundation of a Happy Healthy Life.

Authentic Community protects against premature death and disease.

It sounds extreme…but it’s true.

Loneliness is as much of a cause of death  as is Smoking or Physical Inactivity.

Loneliness can cause changes in your body that makes one more susceptible to  disease, both physically and mentaly.

Everyone has the need to belong. It is biological.

Loneliness IS  NOT a weakness.

Loneliness is only a sign that your needs are not being met.

You don’t feel connected. You don’t feel seen. You don’t feel like you belong.

Friendship, Connection and Community are viewed as elective…They’re not!

It is a true need. It is not something that can be ignored. There are serious individual and society wide consequences of not having close connections, of being known and cared for, of feeling significant.

This is why Women’s Group Network is needed.

We are not a support group, We are not a self help group, We do not exclusively focus on problems. We support when a member is having a hard time but that is not the center of why we come together.

We are here for COMMUNITY.  Friends, Sisters, Tribe!

We want you to share and accept the full Female experience, The Ups and the DOWNS, the Heavy and Light aspects of Life. All of it.

About Me (The Founder and Architect)

Sol Wilder
(Yes…I am a man..Sorry?…I created the Men’s Group Network nonprofit and I wanted to provide the same community building system for any woman who wants it)
The Architect of WgN
call or text ‪(919) 590-5969‬
Direct Communicator
High Energy
Open Sharer
Systems Maker
Loves to analyze and finds patterns
I ask myself does this feel good, is it right and is it true.
I’d love to talk with you. I am deeply curious about people. I want to know you and I want you to know me.

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If this resonates for you, If you need to feel connected, heard, seen and cared for…

If you want to join this New Worker Cooperative Profit Sharing Nonprofit Model…

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Yes…It really is epicly long….We are building a True Community…Probably something you haven’t felt that often. It takes work from us . It takes work from you.